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Swarovski Cubes, Swarovski Hearts, Swarovski Pearls
 Austrian Beads


From the leading company producing the highest quality crystal, these delicate rondelles are of the finest quality available. The high standard of manufacturing is evident in their precision cut and exquisite sparkle.

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4mm Available in: Amethyst, Aqua, Burgundy, Crystal AB, Crystal, Emerald AB, Fuchsia, Indicolite AB, Jet, Lime AB, Morion AB, Padparadscha, Perdiot, Rose Lt.,Rose, Sapphire Lt., Sapphire, Siam, Tanzanite, Topaz, Turquoise, Vitrail Med.

6mm Available in: Amethyst, Aqua, Crystal AB, Crystal, Jet, Rose Lt, Siam, Tanzanite, Vitrail Med.

8mm Available in: Crystal AB.




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10.3mm and 14.4mm Available in: Amber, Amethyst Lt, Amethyst, Aqua, Bermuda Blue, Blue Zircon, Crystal AB, Crystal, Emerald, Fuchsia, Heliotrope, Padparadscha, Perdiot, Rosaline, Sapphire, Siam, Tanzanite, Vitrail Lt. and Vitrail Med.

18mm Available in: Crystal AB, Heliotrope, Rosaline and Vitrail Lt.



Swarovski Crystal Pearls

These high quality imitation crystal pearls combine a crystal core with a pearl coating. The absolutely flawless surface creates irresistible appeal. The crystal pearl is perfectly round and offers the same moderate weight as cultured pearls. Also available in pear shape beads, these crystal pearls are resistant to perspiration, sun-rays, perfumes, scratches and scrapes. Currently available in 21 colours. (Colours not shown include bright gold, powder almond, mauve, night blue & copper).


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